Entry Level


For start-up companies, and for those looking to have an immediate website presence online within 3 working days.

What’s Included:
  • Design – ‘Off the shelf’ website template
  • Responsive Design – Your site will be formatted for both mobile and tablet devices as part of this build
  • A Custom Site Address – We can also map your current site address
  • Pages – Static pages (max 6)
  • Space – 13GB
  • Gallery – Provide us with the images you would like to include on your site and we can create a slideshow for you
  • Support – Mon-Fri (9am-5pm) direct email support to UK customer based service centre

*Please note. The Entry Level and Pro builds are subject to an annual charge of £85 in addition to the quoted prices (this is for website hosting and domain retention). The Bespoke build is charged at a daily rate (£125) and subject to an annual charge of £250 (this is for website hosting, domain retention, and Google Analytics).